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The Art of Lauren

Water Wolf
The Sweet Spot
Me in my studio
Atreya the Sacral Gatekeeper
The Next Step (Present)
Grumpy Mermaid Enamel Pins
The Offering (Freya & the Wolf)
Lyra the Prism Fairy
Arnan (Grey Wolfy Cub)
Silent Seeker
Lori Illustration
Dream Visitor
The Discovery
2 of Diamonds (Eshana)
Ty the Butterfly
'Miraculous Silence' by Mitra Rahbar
Diving Deep For the Pearl
Sea of Possibility
Bliss Whisperers™Logo
Whimsy Waves from Beyond
To Thine Own Self Be True (Elisa)
Keme-Nyx  (detail)
Tribute to Oz
Tinker Flies the Nest
Way of the Sacred Heart (detail)
Long Grass (Patience)
Sheba Presents Her Flaming Armour
Fasting for Freedom
Hilda, Weaver of High WInds
Flyin George & Lesser Spotted Dragon
Wind Rider
The Look Out
Lauren Sebastian
Totem Wolf - Light Card
Natural History Museum
I Am Eternal, So Be It
Fork in the Road
Zohar (White Wolfy Cub)
Kew Gardens
A Light Unto Yourself
Yuki, Bringer of Snows
Blueback, Why the Long Face?
Bird of Prayer
Angel - Light Card
Tate Modern
Greenbeard Bows to Sacred Chicken
I Spy With My Little Eye
The Hummblers Namaste to the Nisbits

It's all ​about the love​...

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