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Commissioned Works & Projects

Lauren loves to collaborate on projects to do with art, creativity and well-being as an artist, illustrator and/or writer. Please don't hesitate to contact her if you have an idea that needs an artistic perspective or would like to bounce ideas off a like-minded soul. Lauren is happy to discuss commissions, without obligation, over a 'cuppa' or via video chat.
Katrin the Kind-hearted
Katrin with her Portrait
Lucy the Force
Lori in the Classroom
Amber the Storyteller
Halphon the Owl
Halphon the Owl
Max the Cat
Mountain Man Meets Lady of the Sea
Yaiza the Indigo Warrior
New Moon
Miraculous Silence by Mitra Rahbar
Keme-Nyx ~ The Charm of Hummingbirds
Caffe della Pace Logo
Firewire Album Cover
Album Artwork (back page)
Bliss Whisperers™ Logo
Beatles Revolver Adaptation in B&W
Illustrated Web Graphic
Steven Joseph Hickey Portrait
Illustrated Web Graphic
Emes Guitars Logo in black & white
Chootchi-Face Logo Commission
Angel Light Card
Maisy-Jane's Maternity Boutique Logo
The Light (A Book of Wisdom)
View of St Michael's Mount
The Light Tree Books Logo
The Gift of Music
In-spira Logo
Illustrated Web Graphic
Heart Angel
Moon Angel
Violet Heart Angel
Illustrated Web Graphic
A Bedtime Story
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