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Doodle Smudges

Lauren loves to play and experiment with fresh styles
and this often results in new collections of artwork.
Below you can see her Doodle Smudges, full of potential
for children's stories, with plenty more to come!


NB The original drawings & paintings are NOW for sale! 

Fine Art Prints on A5-sized 350gsm card are also available

of some (not all) of the designs, from only £10 each (unframed)

Wind Rider
Prince Silverback
Silent Seeker
Dream Visitor ~ SOLD
Dream Visitor ~ SOLD
The Discovery ~ SOLD
The Discovery
Proppe Blesses the Special Elixir
Whish has the Fairy Dust
Whimsy Waves From Beyond
Qualm & Orbit Keep the Secrets
Prim Has Great Balance
Remembering His Touch
New Years Eve in Paris
The Kiss
Diving Deep For the Pearl
Greenbeard Bows to Sacred Chicken
Blueback, Why the Long Face?
Albert the Nervous Traveller
Rainbow Dog & the Boys in Blue
The Hummblers Namaste to the Nisbits
Flyin George & Lesser Spotted Dragon
Hop-along & Slugger Start the Race
Igor's Birthday Surprise
Tooth Fairy Freshens Up
Dimitri's Talking to Himself Again
Terry Learns the Art of Showing Off
Ziggy has a Tummy Ache
Sheba Presents Her Flaming Armour
Salutation to the Sun
Tinker Flies the Nest
Sir Montague by Light of the Moon
ChiKiChi School for Temple Guardians
Feeling Grounded, Wolfy & Rosa
Cloud Watching, Wolfy & Edna
Free Will, Wolfy & Lucia
Trusted Tummy Tickler, Wolfy & Greta
Soul Singing, Wolfy & Harmony
Seeing Beyond Illusion, Wolfy & Iris
Sea of Possibility, Wolfy & Celeste
Summer Rain She-Wolf Dreamscape
Tribute to Oz She-Wolf Dreamscape
The Look Out She-Wolf Dreamscape
Emerald Dragon Investigates
Firecat Recharges Her Batteries
The String Legs Quartet
The Batfinks Come Into the Light
The Dowsing for Cheese Squad
Queen Bee Looks to the Past
Through the Eye of Hubble

"A doodle App

for the love of


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