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Lauren Sebastian has been a creative practitioner for most of her adult life, and also spent several years working in the field of creativity in education and creative learning.


Now, she lives in the wild beauty of West Cornwall (UK), weaving her artistic 'magic' as a professional Artist & Illustrator, alongside her true loves: Guitar Maker Graham Emes and their extraordinary daughter, Stormy. 


Often inspired by inner, energetic landscapes, Lauren's intuitive and expressive artwork has evolved to include the depiction of otherworldly realms and beings of non-ordinary reality. Wolf also features frequently in her drawings and has long been a kind of guardian companion to her creativity.


Lauren's paintings and illustrations reside in various places around the globe, including Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Sweden, America, Canada and the UK. 


Mainly working in acrylic, ink, watercolour and PMC sterling silver, Lauren is passionate about making intuitive paintings, mystical drawings and hand-sculpted jewellery. It is her hope and intention that The Art of Lauren connects with collectors in ways that enhance wellbeing and self-esteem, while also encouraging creative expression.

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