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A Pack of Wolves

 A little while ago, Lauren had an idea to turn her favourite Wolfy icon into a 'Pack of Wolves', a special deck of oracle cards for use in art therapy, counselling, creative problem solving, divination or just plain fun! Please, keep popping back to visit this page because there will be 78 images in the end (and each card in the pack will have its own Wolfy Parable published in an accompanying booklet too). Art prints are available for purchase on request. 

1. Leap of Faith (Trust)
2. Know Thyself (Reflection)
3. Little Did They Know (Fear)
4. New Beginnings (Hope)
5. The Adventurous Ones (Ingenuity)
6. Elemental Revelations (Potential)
7. In the Flow (Intuition)
8. Silent Night (Peace)
9. Second Glance (Curiosity)
10. The Next Step (Present)
11. Where There's Will (Overcome)
12. True Colours (Integrity)
13. Dancing With Jellyfish
14. Bridging the Gap (Collaboration)
15. Written in the Stars (Future)
16. Stuff of Dreams (Imagination)
17. Making a Miracle (Creativity)
18. Say the Magic Words (Truth)
19. Full Moon (Gratitude)
20. Long Grass (Patience)
21. Breath of Fresh Air
22. River of Fire (Anger)
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