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Colourful Paintings

A bright collection of works in mixed media, oil or acrylic on canvas or wood panel.
Please click on any of the images below to view details about them.
Limited Edition Giclée Prints on canvas of most paintings are now also available,
framed or unframed ~ please enquire for details.
Art Prints Available
A4 Art Prints
The Messenger
Pleas  on Earth
Earth Wolf Art Print
Frequency of Inspiration
Air Wolf Art Print
Rainbow Walker - SOLD
Aether Wolf Art Print
On Fire - SOLD
Fire Wolf Art Print
I Feel It in My Water - SOLD
Water Wolf Art Print
Frequency of Love - SOLD
I love you as big as a rainbow
Two Moons
The Sweet Spot
Only You
Dusk the Day Before
Paper Boat
Rainbow Bird
Katrin the Kind-hearted
The Stillness
That Night We Met
Anunaya, Gentle Brave - SOLD
Gulls at St Ives Harbour - SOLD
Atreya the Sacral Gatekeeper - SOLD
The Offering (Freyja & the Wolf)
Lucy the Force
Hotaru of the Light - SOLD
Sibyl the Conduit
Catch a Falling Star - SOLD
Eshana the Star Gazer
Nahimana, She Who Walks in Beauty - SOLD
Haven, Keeper of Sacred Secrets SOLD
Lumen, Open-hearted Sensitive ~ SOLD
Bea, Healer of Hurts ~ SOLD
Mountain Man Meets Lady of the Sea
Zita, Weigher of Wisdom - SOLD
Hilda, Weaver of High Winds  - SOLD
Ishbel the Inquisitive ~ SOLD
Yeshe the Sun Whisperer
Selene the Intuitive ~ SOLD
Yuki, Bringer of Snows - SOLD
Audra the Rainmaker ~ SOLD
Audra the Rainmaker ~ SOLD
Hélène the Bright Shining One ~ SOLD
Yaiza the Indigo Warrior
Keme-Nyx ~ The Charm of Hummingbirds
Sirena, Lullaby ~ SOLD
Moonlit Meeting of Minds ~ SOLD
Ophelia Queen of Water Nymphs ~ SOLD
Into the Valley ~ SOLD
Night Flight Rain Dance - SOLD
Here For You ~ SOLD
Summertime ~ SOLD
A Light Unto Yourself
Portrait of Steven Joseph
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