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The Journey

Follow Alma Bliss and Wolf on an ongoing and illustrated exploration of Lauren's inner dreamscapes... Where will they go, who will they meet and what will they find? Perhaps you'll be inspired to visit your own 'insides', too...
Alma Ponders Her Heart's Desire
The Rabbit Hole
Three Gateways & the Wisdom Room
Pearl of Wisdom part 1 (colourway)
Pearl of Wisdom part 2 (colourway)
The Wisdom Repository (colourway)
A Pearl Projection (colourway)
Reading the Snowflakes (colourway)
Philo the Wisdom Keeper (colourway)
Sophia the Wisdom Keeper (colourway)
Joie the Bliss Whisperer (colourway)
Gracie, Bliss Whisperer (colourway)
Harmony & Liberty (colourway)
Prim Has Good Balance
Proppe Blesses the Special Elixir
Qualm and Orbit Keep the Secrets
Whish Has the Fairydust
Whimsy Waves from Beyond
Lyra - Prism Fairy
Trixie - Fire Fairy
Salti - Lunar Fairy
Sabreena - Solar Fairy
Melody - Flower Fairy
Fleur - Wisdom Keeper Fairy
Aurora Mai - Snow Fairy
Little Marta - Herbal Fairy
Ilkie Wei - Woodland Fairy
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