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Soul Animals

You may have spotted that most of the 'Non-ordinary Beings' have Soul Animals accompanying them, whom support them in their journeying. Here you can find your own Animal Guardian in the form of a little, wooden, hand-painted pendant, which you can wear close to your heart, as well as special clay wolfy totems handmade from start to finish (hand-painted & varnished).
NB Special requests are most welcome, please contact Lauren directly to commission a specific animal...
In the Flow - SOLD
All Aglow
Deep Exhale - SOLD
Mother Earth - SOLD
SOLD ~ Arnan the Grey Wolfy Cub
SOLD ~ Bilko the White Wolfy
SOLD ~ Eldred the Grey Wolfy
Andvari the Black Wolfy
SOLD ~ Zohar the White Wolfy Cub
SOLD ~ Chano the Black Wolfy Cub
SOLD ~ Valerian the Black Wolfy
SOLD ~ Elke the Grey Wolfy
Omar the Polar Bear ~ SOLD
Emmett the Fox ~ SOLD
Whisper the Fish ~ SOLD
Asha the Unicorn ~ SOLD
Milo the Horse ~ SOLD
Lila the Butterfly ~ SOLD
Hari the Tiger ~ SOLD
Badu the Panther ~ SOLD
Blue the Butterfly
Aria the Canary ~ SOLD
Elgar the Badger ~ SOLD
Elgar the Badger ~ SOLD
Max the Cat ~ SOLD
Halphon the Owl ~ SOLD
Halphon the Owl ~ SOLD
Ty the Butterfly ~ SOLD
Afrah the Hummingbird ~ SOLD
Jett the Mouse
Bayode the Stag ~ SOLD
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