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Soul Animals

You may have spotted that most of the 'Non-ordinary Beings' have Soul Animals accompanying them, whom support them in their journeying.  Here you can see various animal totems and
soul animal drawings that Lauren has created over the years.

NB Special requests are welcome, please contact Lauren directly to
commission a specific animal.
In the Flow - SOLD
All Aglow
Deep Exhale - SOLD
Mother Earth - SOLD
SOLD ~ Arnan the Grey Wolfy Cub
SOLD ~ Bilko the White Wolfy
SOLD ~ Eldred the Grey Wolfy
Andvari the Black Wolfy
SOLD ~ Zohar the White Wolfy Cub
SOLD ~ Chano the Black Wolfy Cub
SOLD ~ Valerian the Black Wolfy
SOLD ~ Elke the Grey Wolfy
Omar the Polar Bear ~ SOLD
Emmett the Fox ~ SOLD
Whisper the Fish ~ SOLD
Asha the Unicorn ~ SOLD
Milo the Horse ~ SOLD
Lila the Butterfly ~ SOLD
Hari the Tiger ~ SOLD
Badu the Panther ~ SOLD
Blue the Butterfly
Aria the Canary ~ SOLD
Elgar the Badger ~ SOLD
Elgar the Badger ~ SOLD
Max the Cat ~ SOLD
Halphon the Owl ~ SOLD
Halphon the Owl ~ SOLD
Ty the Butterfly ~ SOLD
Afrah the Hummingbird ~ SOLD
Jett the Mouse
Bayode the Stag ~ SOLD
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